Up to date contact details. Always.
Reach people faster, the way they want to be reached.
Exchange up to date contact details in one click.
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ALWAYS up to date contact details

Connect to your customers and suppliers and get real time up to date contact details on your smartphone.

ALWAYS reach your customers

Customers and suppliers select their preferred communication channel so they are more receptive to your company's communication.

ALWAYS your CRM database up to date

With a simple link between the Always Hello platform and your own database, the contact details of customers and suppliers will always be up-to-date.

Professionals CRM businesses

How it works?

Follow these steps

1. Install the Always Hello app

Download the app from the App store or Play Store and Install.

2. Create a profile

Fill out your profile with the contact details you want to share. You can make a different profile for every role in your life.

3. Share your contact details and create connections

Share your contact details by blue tooth, sms, email, url or WhatsApp.

4. Receive updated contact details from your connections

Your contact list will be updated automatically If someone from your Always Hello connections changes their contact details.

Always Safe

Privacy guaranteed

End to end encryption. Your contact details and connections are yours. No one but you has access to them.

Your data is secure

We host your contact details on private servers in The Netherlands under EU law.

We take your data seriously

Always Hello has a strict data policy and will not share your data.

Always Hello is backed by investors and partnerships

Want to partner with us or explore possibilities? Check our investor page.

Tired of the hassle of contact details that are not up to date?

Save time now. Use the Always Hello app to share your contact details and keep them up to date.

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