Exchange contact details at events instantly

Maximize networking effects at your events

Always Hello at your events and meetups

Increase the number of new contacts per attendee

By using the Always Hello platform you increase the number of leads and prospects for your exhibitors and attendees

Let attendees exchange contact details via a super smart app

You enhance the attendee’s overall experience by providing a more efficient way to exchange contact information

Get insights of the networking effects of your event or meet up

With our Networking Tracker you can demonstrate the Networking effect at your event

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How to use Always Hello at your event or meetup?

  1. Let attendees install the Always Hello app. It’s available for Apple and Android.
  2. Attendees set up a profile in the app and verify their e-mail and/or telephone number.
  3. Every attendee should put on their “Blue tooth” at the event.
  4. By selecting “Fast connect” in the app the present attendees will be visible for each other.
  5. Connect to an attendee of your choice.
  6. Contact details will be exchanged after mutual acceptance.

Let attendees exchange their contact details in 3 simple steps

The Networking Tracker

Your event impact made visible
Show networking effects at your events

  • Show the networking effect of your event on a big screen making exhibitors and attendees aware of the networking possibilities.
  • See who the top networkers are and what connection percentage is needed to increase overall attendee participation.